Garden Tractor Pulling

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Waylan Nelson
1/8/2008 07:05:14 am

Nice web Brian...Hopefully we can get some pulling in together this summer!!!

Waylan Nelson
7/9/2008 02:25:12 am


Just wanted to thank you, and Shane for bring your tractors to Shelby and for letting me come down and play in Burlington Junction.. I had a blast!!! I'll be back down there again for revenge :)!!!!

Bruce Litton
1/7/2009 05:00:07 am

Hey Brian, glad to see your still involved. Liked your memorial section. Lots of new guys now and it helps to know and remember the ones who have been here before and have passed.

Matt Koski
3/7/2009 12:12:59 pm

Nice site Brian, hope you guys can come up north again this summer to do some pullin and enjoy some adult beverages. Good luck this year!!! You'll need it cause the twins from Iowa are gonna be tuff!!!


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